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Scott's Final Message about the Election Results

This was posted by Scott Alvord on social media on 12/2/22, shortly after he called his opponent to congratulate her on her victory:

"The numbers aren't final yet but the writing is on the wall. On the bright side, I get to continue to serve my community as a City Councilmember until I term out at the end of 2024. šŸ˜‰

I want to thank all those residents across the county who encouraged me to run against the establishment's chosen candidate for the Placer County Supervisor D2 position. I also want to thank the hundreds that volunteered to help this campaign with canvassing, phone calling, writing postcards, donating, and fundraising. Some of you walked hundreds of miles, some wrote hundreds of postcards, and others made hundreds of phone calls.
I am literally amazed how hard so many people including Democrats, Republicans, NPPs, and Independents, worked for this campaign. And Karen, thank you for your extreme patience and encouragement during this time. I certainly owe you a big tropical vacation in the future. šŸ˜ I also owe significant time to my children, grandchildren, and business clients who were patient with me this year.
Although my opponent was given around a half million dollars for her campaign by the establishment, we competed strongly with about 1/5 the funding, twelve months less time to campaign, an unfortunate Facebook-caused ad debacle the last 10 days of the campaign, but a lot more volunteers than I've seen on a county campaign before. ā¤
This campaign didn't prevail in a win but we certainly showed that non-establishment campaigns are extremely competitive when the community pulls together. Looks like we'll have around an 11% gap, which was good considering all the other factors. Being that close with a very low cost per vote comparison is pretty darn impressive and it showed what unpaid volunteers, working together, could do.
I'm also very proud that our bipartisan team was ethical and didn't do any attack ads or mailers containing false or misleading information about me or my opponent. We finally decided to do a comparison piece, but we remained truthful and fair. It's unfortunate that some feel it's okay to win at any cost, but I get to sleep at night knowing we fought hard, but fair.
If you've never run for public office before, there's a lot to be said for any person willing to change their life into an open book for the world to interpret, appreciate, or criticize. It's never an easy journey and win or lose, there is a lot of junk all candidates have to endure.
Ultimately the voters in D2 got to decide who they wanted to represent them, and 55% of those who voted decided that I wasn't that person. That's how democracy works and I fully support their decision. I appreciate that the Roseville portion of D2 overwhelmingly voted for me, and while I wish a lot more of them would have turned in their ballots, their support was comforting. I also appreciate the large change in opinion between the Primary and General elections in Sun City Lincoln Hills and several Lincoln council districts. We could see the huge change in precinct numbers because of our work this summer, but time and funding to reach everyone were not on our side.
Congratulations Shanti Landon. I know you personally worked very hard on your campaign to earn this victory. It was hard to compete with your large number of mailers, 4x8' signs, and huge social media advertising spend. Nice job!
You earned the win and now I want to take a moment and challenge you to remember that you will be serving EVERYONE in the county from a nonpartisan seat. Now that the campaign is over, I hope you take some time to step back and reconsider your future social media posts and remember that you represent ALL constituents and not just those who think like you politically. As nonpartisan leaders, it's important for us to publicly stay in our nonpartisan lanes so most constituents can feel like we are "their" representative. Also, just because you were heavily backed by developers doesn't mean they own you. This will be your first elected gig and you have a lot of folks who can help guide you but as a constituent, I want to speak up and say that it is critical that you put the voice of "the people" first in your decision making. I've stood on thousands of doorsteps this year and I've heard this message loud and clear. Many constituents don't feel like they matter. Developers are generally good people but they are here to make a profit and we represent the voice of the people so we need to ensure that future development projects are a win for the people and respectful of the environment.
The county has a lot of ground to make up in the area of workforce housing, traffic solutions, and their impacts on cities, especially Lincoln. We're counting on you to hold those developers accountable and ensure they don't negotiate away important things that were agreed to because those later changes are sometimes the things that will ultimately hurt us all down the road.
I also encourage you to ensure the county is more serious about working with the cities on development planning to make win-win-win solutions with minimal impacts. I think the new CEO has those intentions but Supervisors set the tone. Future development areas are often best to take place as annexations in cities rather than competing outside their borders.
I will sincerely be cheering you on and praying for you because your success as a representative in these areas is our community's success collectively. Congratulations Supervisor Landon!"

Scott Alvord for Placer County Supervisor District 2

Scott Alvord, currently a city council member in Placer County's largest and most economically sound city, Roseville, is running for Placer County Supervisor District 2. He is running to not only represent that district which includes western Roseville, Lincoln, and rural areas all the way up to Sheridan, but to represent the entire county in critical decisions that affect the quality of life for all of us. He comes with experience and a proven track record of listening to stakeholders as a true nonpartisan representative instead of a paid-for politician.

By talking to Scott and those who know him, you'll find out that he:

HeavilyĀ supports public safety because it is a major factor in the quality of life for our region. Plus, he's the father of a police officer.

Is the candidate with, by far, the most business experience and leadership in business support and economic development strategies that fund our quality of life.

IsĀ not afraid to hold development accountableĀ to minimize impacts for nearby communities, both rural and cities.

Listens and responds to constituents and all stakeholders.

I've lived in our county most of my life. The unwavering commitment that I have brought to my wife of 36 years, to my children and grandchildren, to the businesses I have built, and the community I serve as a Councilmember, is the commitment I bring to you.

As your future Placer County Supervisor representative, I will continue to work hard and listen to the issues, respond to all inquiries, and assist in every way that I can. I care about our region and look forward to enhancing life in Placer County to ensure that it remains the place people choose to live, do business, and enjoy entertainment and recreation.

Let me know what issues are important to you. Join me at one of my local coffee chats or contact me directly! I want to hear from you and hear your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. I look forward to an open dialogue.

Your Future Representative,

Our team of supporters is dedicated to helping Scott Alvord get elected to the Placer County Board of Supervisors (District 2) so that he can represent each and every one of us. Please join us in donating your time and monetary supportĀ to ensure Scott's election is successful as a Placer County Supervisor.