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Scott Alvord for Placer County Supervisor District 2

Scott Alvord, currently a city council member in Placer County's largest and most economically sound city, Roseville, is running for Placer County Supervisor District 2. He is running to not only represent that district which includes western Roseville, Lincoln, and rural areas all the way up to Sheridan, but to represent the entire county in critical decisions that affect the quality of life for all of us. He comes with experience and a proven track record of listening to stakeholders as a true nonpartisan representative instead of a paid-for politician.

By talking to Scott and those who know him, you'll find out that he:

Heavily supports public safety because it is a major factor in the quality of life for our region. Plus, he's the father of a police officer.

Is the candidate with, by far, the most business experience and leadership in business support and economic development strategies that fund our quality of life.

Is not afraid to hold development accountable to minimize impacts for nearby communities, both rural and cities.

Listens and responds to constituents and all stakeholders.

As your future Placer County Supervisor representative, I will continue to work hard and listen to the issues, respond to all inquiries, and assist in every way that I can. I care about our community and look forward to enhancing life in Placer County to ensure that it remains the place people choose to live, do business, and enjoy entertainment and recreation.

Let me know what issues are important to you. Join me at one of my local coffee chats or contact me directly! I want to hear from you and hear your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. I look forward to an open dialogue.

Your Future Representative,

Our team of supporters is dedicated to helping Scott Alvord get elected to the Placer County Board of Supervisors (District 2) so that he can represent each and every one of us. Please join us in donating your time and monetary support to ensure Scott's election is successful as a Placer County Supervisor.