Comparison of Scott Alvord and Shanti Landon

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Placer County is building large-scale residential areas (~60,000 people - larger than Lincoln’s population) on the rural borders just outside of Lincoln and Roseville over the next 15 years! This residential development alone will not generate enough property tax over time to support its own services, thus financially hurting the whole county, leaving developers with huge profits while existing taxpayers bear the burden.

We need a leader who knows how to

  • develop a strong economic plan to protect county services,
  • relieve competitive pressure by the county on the cities,
  • push back on developers so they don’t rezone away the right mix of land use,
  • prevent urban sprawl from consuming farms & open space,
  • protect water rights,
  • fix the traffic mess,
  • keep our public safety strong,
  • resolve homelessness instead of kicking the can down the road.

This County Supervisor race WILL affect our region more than any other vote on your ballot!

Scott Alvord is the only candidate with a proven history of sincere, nonpartisan representation with the experience and skill set to deal with what's ahead for our county.

This race is not about partisan politics, it's all about developer profits!

Before voting, compare the facts:

√ Scott Alvord   

Shanti Landon

Public Service Record

Scott Alvord's Public Service Record:

  • Elected to Roseville City Council (2016, re-elected 2020).
  • Served on 40+ city/county/community commissions, boards, and committees.
  • Responsive to residents, always well prepared, asking the right questions, voting as a representative. Awarded "Favorite Civic Leader" and "Best Elected Official."

(public record, Style Mag Readers Choice Awards, Press Tribune Best-of-the-Best Awards, most of his endorsement testimonials reference his responsiveness)

Shanti Landon's Public Service Record:

Never elected or appointed to any city or county commission or board. Employed as an aide to the county supervisor providing "administrative and technical assistance." (public record, Employment contract 12/12/21; Job title change 1/12/22)

(Leading in a non-divisive way, without party politics)

Scott Alvord's Nonpartisan Record:

  • Consistent track record on all previous elected or appointed positions, leading in a nonpartisan way.
  • Social media is without party rhetoric, serving the whole community.
  • Appoints the best candidates to commissions regardless of political affiliation.
  • Campaign directors are from all political parties, unified for better representation.
  • Endorsements are bipartisan.

(public record, interviews, articles, endorsement testimonials)

Shanti Landon's Nonpartisan Record:

Heavily partisan in social media posts, blogs, articles, even after working as a district aide. Has used candidacy to promote partisan views. Will she be any different if elected? (social media, interviews, authored articles)

Business Experience
(backbone of our economy)

Scott Alvord's Business Experience:

  • Extensive. Current local business owner, business consultant, and leads a long-established weekly business networking group. Leader in downtown revitalization.
  • MBA degree. Adjunct business professor, author, and speaker.
  • Awarded “Favorite Business Owner” and two-time Finalist for “Business Person of the Year,” and Chamber of Commerce’s Top Referral Partner 2021.

(public record, Sac State Univ, Style Mag Readers Choice Awards, Press Tribune Best-of-Best Awards, Rsvl Chamber Awards)

Shanti Landon's Business Experience:

None. No business license found.
Talks about desire to support small businesses in campaign flyers. (public record)

Fiscally Conservative
($1.2B County Budget)

Scott Alvord's evidence as a Fiscal Conservative:

  • Proven. Repeatedly balanced the budget of the county’s largest city, Roseville ($877M).
  • Made significant and difficult budget cuts before Measure B. Pays down debt.
  • Ensures employee union contracts reflected fair compensation packages.
  • Managed corporate and small business budgets.

(public record, 501(c)3, S-Corp, &LLC filings)

Shanti Landon's evidence as a Fiscal Conservative:

Never made budget decisions with taxpayer dollars nor negotiated labor
Talks about ideals of being “fiscally conservative” in campaign flyers. (public record)

Public Safety
(quality of life factor)

Scott Alvord's support for Public Safety:

  • Proven. Expanded Police Department multiple times, advocated for extra police beat, partnered with police to get body cameras.
  • Son and father of police officers.
  • Voted to fill out Fire Department staffing and consistently upgrade emergency response equipment.
  • Previous volunteer firefighter.

(public record)

Shanti Landon's support for Public Safety:

None. Talks about desire to support public safety in campaign flyers. (campaign mailers, public forums, Facebook ads)

Economic Development
(funds quality of life and services for residents)

Scott Alvord's Economic Development experience:

  • Extensive. 4-yr Chair of Placer County Economic Development Board. (present)
  • 6-yr Chair of Roseville Economic Development Advisory Committee. (present)
  • Current board member of Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC).
  • Brought businesses & jobs to the County.
  • Works on business retention and solutions.

(public record, BRE activities w/EcDev groups)

Shanti Landon's Economic Development experience:

None. Talks about passion for economic development. (March campaign mailer, public forums)

Development & Housing
(unprecedented growth already approved)

Scott Alvord's Development & Housing experience:

  • Stands up to developers to provide better solutions for our future.
  • Ensures affordable and workforce housing is built as required.
  • First-hand experience with land annexation from the county into the city with fair tax-sharing agreements to avoid negative impacts on the city.
  • Firsthand experience with permitting, licensing, encroachments, health dept certifications, and various “improvement districts.”

(public record, LAFCO service)

Shanti Landon's Development & Housing experience:

None. Yet is heavily backed and financially supported by developers and the establishment, raising over $410,000 for her campaign as of September. Ask yourself, “Why? (public record)

(primarily a county responsibility)

Scott Alvord's experience working on Homelessness solutions:

  • Experienced. Served on County Homeless Advisory Committee.
  • Formed a team to help research and design best practices to solve county homelessness.
  • Helps residents understand the options to end camping, ensure we don’t become a magnet for homelessness, and restoring a majority of lives while saving taxpayer dollars.

(public record)

Shanti Landon's experience working on Homelessness solutions:

No experience. Talks about ideas that don’t solve the problem of camping, creating a magnet, and restoring lives. (forums, interviews)


Scott Alvord's Endorsements:

Has quality bi-partisan endorsements from current and past electeds, top
community leaders, top business leaders, recently-retired staff, Sac Bee, etc. Every endorsement has a detailed testimonial as to why they endorsed.
Please take a moment and read the testimonials here.

Shanti Landon's Endorsements:

Has many partisan establishment elected endorsements, most long before Scott entered the race. Announced candidacy in early 2021, long before district maps were drawn.

The facts are clear, Scott Alvord has the proven experience we need. 

Please vote for Scott.

Former Mayor Susan Rohan says, "Scott brings the experience and the expertise to deal with the issues we are dealing with in South Placer and that's why I'm supporting him. His opponent does NOT have the same level of experience as someone who's been seated in office and held accountable just inherently brings to the job."
Don't be fooled. This race is about developer profits. Rohan has extensive experience working with developers, policy, and public service. She doesn't share the same political party as Scott Alvord...because it doesn't matter in this election! It's all about development and who the community trusts to make the right decisions and push back where needed in this unprecedented growth that WILL affect us all.
Please listen to her speak in the video below:

Former Mayor Gina Garbolino says"Scott’s opponent got early endorsements from the powerful establishment. Do not believe that means she is the better candidate to make wise decisions for our future.
As someone who is intimately familiar with development projects, I can attest to the type of leadership that is needed. It’s someone that has experience and the ability to bring people together to solve these difficult problems.
Scott has that experience and he has proven over and over that he can find solutions to serious problems. His opponent has none of that experience, yet is heavily backed by developers. That should explain itself right there.


Need more? There are dozens and dozens of additional endorsement testimonials from Republicans, Democrats, and No Party Preference community leaders. Click here to read them!