Fireside Chats (Did you Know? - Topic Viewpoints)

Scott Alvord has been listening to constituents and stakeholders as he canvasses door-to-door throughout District 2.  In this series of video "Fireside Chats" he explains his stance on some interesting topics and he shares some interesting statistics and facts as well as some very creative solutions. This is how he thinks and works. His business background shows through and you can tell that he is not "just talk" because he can explain the economics and reasoning behind many issues. Enjoy!

Equine Economics (Fireside Chat)

This is Scott's first "Fireside Chat" video in his Did You Know? series. It is one of the longest ones, but it's packed full of information that we hope you find interesting.

Scott really has been out there asking questions and listening to the community as he digs into information from stakeholders in industries with which he's not as familiar. Sometimes, like here, he's able to help find creative ideas to help solve real problems. If you are one of his current constituents, you'll recognize this in his past service. He truly loves helping solve problems. If you listen to this whole video, you'll get an inside glimpse of how he thinks.

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Placer County Businesses Talk to Scott

Scott Alvord introduces some of Placer County's unique businesses. Listen to their stories and we hope you take time to enjoy these businesses. None of these businesses have paid for this exposure. Scott does it to highlight them on social media and connect our community with their story.

Morgan Oaks Eternal Preserve Green Burial

What is Green Burial? In this release of "Placer County Businesses Talk to Scott," we're going to learn about a very unique company that is not only the first of its kind in Placer County, but it's also the first of its kind in the whole state of California! Morgan Oaks Eternal Preserve is the first cemetery that is completely "green" in that there are no hardwood or metal caskets (only softwood or cloth shroud or cremation), and no embalming or toxic chemicals. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Everything is designed to decompose back into the earth. You can even bury your loved one below or with a new Oak tree. Flat granite markers are allowed as are benches (both made by local business partnerships). Morgan Oaks has creative ways of spreading ashes too. There is even a beautiful buckboard pulled by mules that can be used in a beautiful procession.

It's a very peaceful location. There are 3 miles of walking/biking trails and they're open from dawn to dusk. They have gathering areas, a fire pit, and more. Great location for Celebration of Life services.
Areas are designated for first responders and veterans and both of these areas allow family members besides spouses to be buried in the same section.
And another feature of this cemetery: it is about 1/3 the cost and there is no upsell pressure since everything is biodegradable.
The website is listed at the end of the video.
You can visit the preserve at 421 Fleming Road, Lincoln.
NOTE: This area is beautifully green in the winter and spring and beautifully yellow and brown during the summer and fall.

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Laura's Ranch

"For the love of goats and beautiful skin!"

Laura’s Ranch is a miracle in Placer County and Laura Udall has some very cute goats that help her make what certainly seems like a miracle cream for the skin. Scott's wife is certainly a huge fan.
In this release of "Placer County Businesses Talk to Scott," he introduces you to Laura Udall, the high-tech inventor-turned-rancher. You're going to love her personal story. She has many wonderful, locally-made products that you can purchase online or out at the Fowler Ranch Farmers Market. Enjoy the story. Placer County ag-related businesses are truly incredible. Please shop local!

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