Re-Elect Scott Alvord, Roseville City Councilmember!


Welcome to the campaign page for Scott Alvord, Roseville City Councilmember

If you've followed Scott's service during his last four years of serving the City of Roseville on City Council, you'll know that he truly leads by example and does what he says he'll do. His transparency and approachability have been exemplary in our community; just read what the community says about him.

We appreciate his service and our team is dedicated to helping him get re-elected in November 2020 for another four years of service. Although only residents of District 5 can vote for him, he serves our entire city and we can all help him get re-elected. Please join us in donating your time and monetary support to ensure Scott Alvord's re-election to the Roseville City Council.


"Thank you for supporting me. I look forward to serving you another four years!"  


Scott Alvord Knows What His Community Wants!

Residents who live in Roseville understand that in 2020, the western side of Roseville has 45,000 residents and not a single gas station, coffee shop, or food establishment. This has been an ongoing issue for residents who have to drive across town for retail services. When Scott moved from central Roseville to western Roseville, he continued serving the community's needs, especially in helping set up an environment conducive to commercial development, which takes a long time ... Read More