Community Leadership

As an elected City Councilmember, Scott has served on the following council-related boards and commissions:

Current Leadership Positions:

  • Placer County Economic Development Board (chair)
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee (chair)
  • Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC)
  • Placer County Air Pollution Control District (past chair)
  • Roseville Police Activities League (RPAL, vice president)
  • Placer County Water Agency's (PCWA) Roseville Water Committee
  • League of California Cities
  • South Placer Wastewater Authority (past vice-chair)
  • Highway 65 JPA (alternate)
  • Placer County Flood Control & Water Conservation District (alternate)
  • South Placer Regional Transportation Authority (alternate)
  • Union Pacific & City of Roseville (alternate)

Past Leadership Positions:

  • Regional Water Authority (RWA)
  • South Placer Wastewater Joint Powers Authority (past vice-chair)
  • Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO, Vice-Chair)
  • Facilities / Park Naming Subcommittee
  • Electric Utility Risk Oversight
  • Law & Regulation Committee


As a Civic Servant, Scott has proven his commitment to the community by volunteering as a public servant, with an excellent attendance record, in the following roles:

  • Founder/Organizer of the 2,000+ member community Volunteer Force
  • City of Roseville Parks & Recreation Commission (chair)
  • Executive Board, Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA) (2013-present)
  • President, Downtown Roseville Merchants, Inc. (2006-2016)
  • Coalition of Roseville Youth (CoRY) (2018-present)
  • Roseville Police Activities League (RPAL) (2016-present, vice-chair)
  • President, Fellowship Networking Group
  • President, Westpark Neighborhood Association (RCONA)
  • Roseville Youth Sports Coalition 
  • Founding Board Member, Placer Rescue Mission
  • Placer County Homeless Advisory Commission
  • City Revitalization Committee
  • City Personnel Board
  • President, Advanced Business Roundtable
  • President, Pleasant Grove Neighborhood Association (RCONA) (2013-2015)
  • Downtown Roseville Specific Plan Steering Committee
  • Roseville Chamber of Commerce CORE (C3) Committee
  • Roseville Chamber of Commerce Revitalization Committee
  • Certified ambassador and lecturer, Successful Thinkers
  • Instructor, Business Police Academy
  • High school varsity coach for girls softball, girls basketball, boys football 
  • School board member for 11 years (chairing the board for 6 of those years)
  • Volunteer Fireman with Deer Park Fire Department
  • Boy Scouts of America

Business Experience

Scott is an award-winning business owner. His businesses have included:

Advanced Development Concepts, LLC
Founder and CEO
Business consulting, coaching, startups, and more. (celebrating 36 years of service)

Advanced Business Roundtable
A weekly business mastermind/roundtable helping support local business owners. Organizer of both Placer Valley Business Summits.

A Dash of Panache
Executive Owner for 12 years (sold in Feb 2016)
Award-winning French-deco tea parlor, cafe, and party place

Fellowship Networking, Inc.
CEO and Vice President of the board through Dec 31, 2015.
A ministry that provided business networking groups throughout the region for the purpose of growing small businesses 

Leading by Example

There is a difference between people who tell others what to do, and people who lead by example. If you take time to read what Scott’s endorsers say about him, you’ll quickly realize that he is a true leader who sets an example by walking the talk, and not just being visible during a political campaign.


Here are a few examples:

After Scott was first elected to City Council in 2016, he immediately immersed himself in learning about the relevant issues in city government. He met with stakeholders everywhere and he continues to be ultra-approachable to the community (residents and businesses) and he is, as always, transparent. Anyone following him on social media knows that he’s willing to help make connections, get answers, and solve problems for his community, and even for those not in his community. He is, by far, the most tagged Roseville council member on NextDoor and Facebook because he responds to questions. Ever since he was first elected, he has consistently held more regular Community Coffees than all other council members combined.

Almost two decades ago, Downtown Roseville was blighted and failing. Scott stepped into the gap and joined others by serving on numerous advisory commissions and committees. He spent a significant amount of personal time in many different aspects of downtown revitalization. He privately coached several struggling businesses without charging them. He lead the downtown merchants association for nine years and was an early catalyst in helping the property owners form a business improvement district (Downtown Roseville Partnership). Today, the downtown is not only a fantastic destination for our community, but businesses are thriving and it’s bringing jobs and revenue back to the community.

When the pandemic started in 2020, Scott was in the middle of a re-election campaign. As soon as the stores were vacant of essentials like toilet paper, sanitizing wipes, and more, he immediately stopped his campaign and started accepting donations of these hard-to-find essentials and then delivering them to people who asked. Within a few days, he had a community Volunteer Force Facebook group set up and the donations came in from everywhere. He started gathering friends as volunteers to help deliver the products and in a short amount of time, he had over 2,000 members and the organization was operating with over 200 delivery volunteers, with almost everything running through his home and getting distributed back out. They collected and gave away countless rolls of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, over 7,000 face masks when they didn't exist in stores, and dozens of refurbished computers to students and businesses that needed to operate from home. For his service, the community voted him "Local Hero" in the 2020 and 2021 Press Tribune's Best-of-the-Best Awards.

There is a homeless problem in Placer County. We have more than the national average of chronic homelessness. It’s costing the county nearly $45,000 per homeless person per year. Scott immersed himself in the facts and learned about models that work across the nation. He was appointed to the Placer County Homeless Advisory Committee and not only shared a moving concern for these struggling souls, but he also helped form a nonprofit charity organization made up of all volunteers (attorneys, business owners, development experts) that researched and put together the best-proven models to design a solution that can help end homelessness in our county and help restore many of these lives back into functioning members of our community. In May 2016, the Placer County Board of Supervisors voted to provide site access to land that can house this amazing solution that can save a significant amount of cost to the county and be a catalyst to solving a problem that can be solved. The nonprofit organization handed off the project to another charity that further improved it, and the process is still ongoing.

Even though the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA) was functioning, Roseville only had four neighborhood associations in 2011. Scott’s own neighborhood didn’t have an active association so near the end of 2012 he rallied neighbors together and started one. These are not HOAs, they are community groups that include participation by police, fire, and city staff regarding updates relevant to the community. The numbers vary but there are between twelve and nineteen neighborhood associations and more coming on board. Scott was elected to the RCONA Executive Board and he stepped up to organize the first major training conference for all of our neighborhood associations. It was a huge success. When he moved to the Westpark Neighborhood (the western edge of the county), the board was falling apart, and the neighborhood almost went inactive. Scott stepped up as a volunteer and was elected as the NA’s president.

These are just a few of the examples where Scott walks the talk and demonstrates Leading by Example. This same willingness to step up and serve when there is a need has allowed him to provide leadership and innovation as a school board chairman, a college business professor, a high school sports coach, a guest lecturer in classrooms, a presenter/speaker before thousands of people, a published author, and more. And he knows how to prepare others for leadership so they can successfully step into his shoes as he transitions to other needs.

As a proven community leader, local business owner, and devoted civil servant, Scott Alvord is the right choice for Placer County Supervisor. Read what trusted community and business leaders say about Scott. If you'd like to join Scott's campaign team as a volunteer, you can signup here. If you haven't seen his stance on relevant issues, you can do that here.