Responses to Attacks on Scott Alvord

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality." - Desmond Tutu

Please help us stand up to bullies. These lies are getting propagated and believed and they are false! Please share this link when you see these posts occurring.

Slander - Defamatory statement that is verbally spoken (e.g., video posted)
Libel - Defamatory statement that is written, as you'll see below.

Defamation of Character attacks have serious legal ramifications for individuals and businesses participating in posting or spreading the misinformation.

We are collecting evidence from video, social media posts, printed flyers, online posts, and email. If you have evidence you'd like to contribute (screenshots of posts showing page/group where posted or links to video or other statements), please contact us at Team @

Liar & Fraud Attack

Aaron Park, a political blogger who is known for his brutal attacks on candidates, claimed to have made this graphic and it was distributed by himself, pastor Matthew Oliver (on his company Facebook page for House of Oliver and shared to his profile and numerous social media groups), Jennifer Austin, Linda Owen-Buechner, and numerous others (who posted or shared). Here's the brochure graphic. A variation of this flyer was "Sponsored by Moms and Dads for Liberty" at numerous places, including outside Scott's Lincoln kickoff on March 22, 2022 as evidenced by Matthew Oliver's video.

This ad is purposefully written to damage Scott’s reputation (defamation of character) with bogus and fake news. Therefore, we are calling this dishonest and unethical ad to light. Bullies do not deserve to get away with libel (“a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation”).

Red sections and yellow reference numbers have been added to the original graphic in this rebuttal for reference purposes below.

#1. “Liar & Fraud”

This is a baseless accusation. There is no data in this ad, or elsewhere, to support this claim. This banner is fake news in an attempt to bias viewers against Scott.

"If you hear an unfounded statement often enough, you might just start believing that it’s true. This phenomenon, known as the 'illusory truth effect,' is exploited by politicians and advertisers — and if you think you are immune to it, you’re probably wrong." - Matthew Warren

#2. This section contains four false statements in bullet format:

  • Forced masks for children.” Scott has not forced masks on anyone. Mask mandates are regulated by the state and federal governments. Scott has no jurisdiction over the region’s school systems and he has not attempted to influence those who have jurisdiction.
  • “Forced vaccine for schools.” Scott has not forced vaccinations for schools, nor does he have jurisdiction to do so. There is no evidence to support this claim. Scott has remained steadfast in his stance that vaccines are, and should remain, a personal choice. Scott believes that individual businesses, not the government, should get to decide vaccine requirements for their employees.
  • “Bad for business.” Scott is pro-business and a very strong advocate for businesses in our region. Refer to sections #3 and #4 below for examples of Scott's involvement in local businesses during the pandemic.
  • “Bad for Placer County.” Scott has served this county proudly for many years. Dozens of testimonials from community members, who state Scott has been instrumental in our county, further rebut this claim.
    • "Genuinely cares about entire Placer County...He has made significant improvements...Passionate towards a pro-business community" - Jeff Richardson, Board Member (Retail), Placer County Economic Development Board
    • "...a strong advocate with deep experience...representation that will engineer better partnerships with the County. We are fortunate to have someone with that knowledge offering to represent us. Scott has the credentials, knowledge, and the values to lead." - Joann Hilton, Rotary Member and Community Volunteer in Lincoln
    • "Alvord is the best candidate to steer Placer County toward a future in which all residents are valued. Based on strong relationships with Placer's faith-based, political and business communities, his balanced approach to leadership can benefit every resident of the district." - Sacramento Bee Editorial Board
    • "Informed, Involved, and Integrity...Approachable...A business mind salted with compassion..." - Eric Resnicke, Chief Executive Servant, Christian Business Roundtable

Scott has done a good job leading Placer County on numerous county boards and commissions.

#3. Working against small businesses:

The ad claims, "SCOTT ALVORD was actively working against our small businesses when they needed him the most." This is baseless and false. The community knows Scott as a HUGE proponent of small businesses. Not only did he serve as a nine-year annually elected president of the Downtown Roseville Merchants, Inc., who was very involved in the revitalization of downtown and the formation of a PBID, but after his election to the city council, he has remained very active in the business community.

During the pandemic, when businesses needed him the most, Scott was there in the trenches helping them. He assisted both new and existing business owners to help keep their businesses operational through outdoor seating, negotiations for lease rate reductions, pushing for loans and grants, securing hard-to-find PPE supplies and outdoor heating, and more. Scott contacted several dozens of business owners during these dark times and helped them with their needs. Read below what our community members say about Scott's support of small businesses:

  • "As a long-time small business owner and four-term chair of the Placer County Economic Development Board, Scott understands the needs of businesses ... I have watched Scott work with the business community and he is unique in how much he truly cares for our region’s economic vitality because of the quality of life it provides the residents." - Laura Matteoli-Wilke (Economic Development Director, recently retired)
  • "From his first day on the City Council, until my retirement, I worked closely with Scott. ... He spearheaded one of the best business loan programs in the region by rolling up his sleeves and ... When the pandemic shut down many local businesses, it was Scott who met with dozens of owners to understand their real needs, and advocated for zero percent interest loans and grants. He went so far as to contact landlords to temporarily relieve lease rates for businesses. He is trusted because he truly cares." - Jay Panzika (CFO, City of Roseville, now retired)
  • "When Scott came to town as a small business owner, he got involved and kept himself involved. He was extremely involved with the downtown merchants association, with the Chamber of Commerce, and also was instrumental in the formation of the property owners' improvement district in downtown. ... Scott stepped up when COVID hit and organized thousands of volunteers to come forth and do what we needed to do to ensure the safety of our citizens and the business community and it was well-received by everyone. - Wendy Gerig (Retired CEO, Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce)

There is more evidence of Scott supporting businesses in #4 below.

#4. Another section of character assaults in bullet format:

  • “Pro Big Government.” Big government is "excessively interventionist and intruding in all aspects of the lives of citizens." Scott is not pro big government. Rather, Scott owns and operates a small consulting firm to assist small businesses overcome situational obstacles, both within the company and with governmental regulations. As a former award-winning restaurant owner, Scott is acutely aware of governance over small business owners in the way of permits, plan checks, health inspections, payroll regulations, HR regulations, etc. There is no evidence that he is "pro big government." To the contrary, he has spoken out against over-regulating business owners on numerous occasions with the downtown merchants and Chamber of Commerce.
  • “Refused to stand for families.” Scott not only stood up for families in times of need, he continues to stand beside them. Scott is a dedicated family man. Together with his wife of 36 years, he raised seven children through adoption and birth, and now proudly grandfathers 13 grandchildren. Scott is well connected with the families in his community. Scott has helped thousands of regional families with free computers, food, hard-to-find products (toilet paper, face masks, sanitizing wipes, diapers, etc.), gift cards, shopping services, supportive companion phone calls, etc. through the Volunteer Force organization he started at the beginning of the pandemic. As a result, the families in the community voted him as “Favorite Local Hero” for 2020 and 2021. Read the testimonials on his website and you’ll find a strong theme of “standing for” the community in their time of need.
  • “Hurt small businesses.” This is a redundant, false claim from Section #3 above where Scott is accused of "working against small businesses." Scott has been and will remain an advocate for small businesses. He recently organized the 2nd annual Placer Valley Business Summit, an all-day business training seminar. Scott was a catalyst to help get outdoor seating platforms built for downtown to enable restaurants to remain open in spite of the state’s inconsistent regulations. He supported granting over $1M in small business grants to save our local small businesses. For more than a decade, he still runs a weekly business mastermind group for business owners. Scott did not and does not hurt small businesses; he went all out to help them during the pandemic and has always helped them.
  • “Backed by democratic party.” The roles of County Supervisors and City Councilmembers are nonpartisan positions. Scott's service has been on behalf of all constituents, not just any single party. He appoints board and commission members based on their expertise and experience and not their voter registration. That is exactly what we want in our councilmembers and supervisors. Again, read the many testimonials that demonstrate Scott's nonpartisan service to our community.

#5. Stop whining when our businesses get shut down

This quote and the paragraph below it are pieced together segments from Scott's Facebook post on November 16, 2020. It was shared 115 times and had 168 comments on the original post. This was BEFORE vaccines were available and it was when our business community was really suffering. Scott was out there in the trenches with the business owners, helping them in every way he could. At the time of this quote, there were those protesting about the inconsistent regulations and those who felt the government was oppressing the businesses. Scott kept a regular pulse on pandemic reports, recommendations, and regulations. Acknowledging that the metrics and regulations were inconsistent, Scott knew that the ONLY legal way to re-open our businesses was to get our infection rates lowered and out of the purple zone.

Here is the FULL transcript of the November 16, 2020 post:
Move to purple? "But what about our businesses that are suffering?" I'd like to gently suggest that those who keep having those unsafe parties, get togethers, and large family gatherings, shouldn't be allowed to ask this question. You don't get to spread the virus and then complain because it's hurting our businesses. YOU are hurting our businesses.
A family I've known for years had some members that were sarcastic about the pandemic...until recently when they had two members DIE from COVID-19, and another is sick with it. It's not a joke. Whether we like the safety rules or not (most of us, including me, do not like them) they are currently out of our hands. We're trying to get the state to modify its rules but until that happens, we're stuck with them.
Wear a damn mask when you're out in public. I'm shocked at the people who still refuse. Stop the big gatherings without masks. Stop whining when our businesses get shut down. Until a vaccine is available, WE are the only ones that can control the spread and protect our businesses.
No, this isn't "just" a California/Newsom problem. Texas was the first to hit a million cases, North Dakota hospitals are at 100% capacity, New Mexico has a 2-week stay at home order, and the list goes on. Experts (none of which are from our community, by the way) say we're going into a 6 to 12 week "worst part of the pandemic" as groups move indoors and holiday events start kicking off.
This virus is not only going to kill more family members, it will kill more businesses if WE don't get serious about slowing the spread before a vaccine comes.
#RosevilleCares #WeCanDoThis #covid19

#6. This doctored photo

To add further insult, the author manipulated this photo by adding dark lines under Scott’s eyes and red to his nose.

#7. Don’t be fooled.

Scott has taken an oath to run a clean and honest campaign. Scott is not lying to the public by making false promises. Scott is an honest, God-fearing man who asks readers of this ad, and this rebuttal, to look at the evidence and lack thereof.

When you go to the polls on June 7th, vote for Scott Alvord because his credentials are fair and true. Learn more about him on this website.